General mukluk care

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How to care for your Tecumseh Canada & Manitobah Mukluks & Moccasins

We like to keep things simple

Purchase a clear leather & suede spray protector.

Follow the instructions on the product you are using.

Apply the leather protector to the suede & leather area's of your mukluks.

Allow your mukluks to dry overnight and apply a second application. Allow the mukluks dry and your mukluks are now ready to be worn outdoors.

Do not apply the protector to the rabbit fur. The rabbit fur has natural oils that will help protect the fur from becoming stained.

Should the rabbit fur get wet and or dirty allow your mukluks to dry naturally. This will keep the leather or suede from shrinking.

 Once the fur is dry take a soft brush and lightly brush the rabbit fur and the dirt will brush right off.

Reapply the protector to your mukluks as needed.

Other considerations to extend the life of your Tecumseh Canada Mukluks.

If you own a cat or dog keep your mukluks off the floor and out of their reach.

If your mukluks get wet dry them naturally. Do not use artificial heat sources such as a hair dryer or a furnace vent.

Apply the protector to your mukluks weekly. It never hurts to have too much and will ensure they are protected against the elements.

Enjoy your Tecumseh Canada and Manitobah Mukluks.

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